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"You have helped me become more of the person I knew I could be."

Mrs MR, age 27

Sarah Kerr Coaching can help you

  • Understand why you feel ‘stuck’ and how to move forward

  • Develop your career, change jobs or deal with redundancy

  • Understand how to navigate within difficult relationships

  • Identify and pursue your life’s purpose

  • Work towards something you want

  • Supercharge your self-confidence

  • Manage and deal with your stress and anxiety

  • Tackle overwhelm and overthinking

  • Understand what motivates you and boost your energy

  • Rediscover your enthusiasm and natural abilities and values

  • Make difficult or important decisions

  • Find more joy and feel more alive

  • Implement more self-care and wellbeing practices

  • Press the refresh button on your motivation

  • Know and live your core values

  • Help you build your emotional resilience to everyday challenges

  • Work with you to reframe some of those unhelpful thinking patterns

  • Introduce you to mindfulness, meditation & journaling techniques

How does 1:1 personal coaching work?

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Client Testimonial

It’s hard to put in to words the impact that working with Sarah has had on me.  A year ago, I can best describe myself as a little lost. I had a successful career, a lovely home, amazing family, and fantastic group of friends, but still I was lost. Lacking in self-belief and confidence I was stuck.

At work I was well within my comfort zone, it wasn’t fulfilling, I was bored. My imposter syndrome was holding me back, that and a fear of change. My team were amazing, and I couldn’t let them go, what if it wasn’t this good again. This was overflowing into home life, my drive had gone, and I found I was just gap filling, not necessarily with things that made me happy.

Sarah doesn’t give you the answers, she gives you something more important, the tools that empower you to be you and that enable you to answer your questions yourself. By listening, observing, talking, and challenging she gets you to a happier place. It’s not been easy, at times it’s been exhausting & emotional, and I’ve definitely wanted to shout stop I want to get off, but I can hand on heart say it’s the best investment in me I’ve ever made.

Without this time, I wouldn’t have gone for (and got) a promotion, I wouldn’t have said no to, (and been comfortable doing so) things that I really didn’t want to do, I wouldn’t have been as open with family on how I was feeling and more. The biggest compliment is that it’s not just me that’s noticed a change, my family & friends did way before me.

Thank you, Sarah, for the time you have invested in me.
Global Finance Director, female, age 50

Client Poetry

“The Start”

A life that started dramatically
You can store things up for years
The decision to ask for help
Comes after far too many tears

Now’s the time for change
Was it a coincidence or was it fate
It could just be perfect timing
Whatever! You know it’s not too late

You don’t find sharing easy
You’re often called a closed book
To open up the flood gates
A chance connection call is all it took
You are finding it pretty exhausting
Mentally you are shot
But it’s small steps forward and it’s progress

So give it all you’ve got
There are many questions to answer
And you are so out of your comfort zone
But the relief is overwhelming
Realising you are not on your own

How can you be laughing one minute
The next you want to cry
You are sure you know the reason
And then you just wonder why!

How can you be feeling happy
Then next you are just sad
You know that it’s part of the journey
And that you’re not just going mad
You can see your energy draining
So you preserve what you can
Taking yourself out of situations
Trying not to deviate from your plan

Photography is your passion
And doing more with it you know you should
But your confidence is lacking
Even if you actually are pretty good

You can’t quite believe you’re doing this
There is much that you still fear
But slowly changes are happening
And the fog is beginning to clear

“The Middle”

Sometimes I feel like a 3 year old
Unable to explain what’s going on in my head
Full of frustration and confusion
My journal is becoming a long rambling thread

Sometimes it’s neat & concise
All detailed, structured and clear
Next it’s a fit on a page
That’s so shouty, angry and just full of fear

Understanding me is my challenge
What is it that makes me tick
A butterfly, a monkey, an advisor
It’s all coming together brick by brick

Why can’t everyone see or hear me
What is it they don’t understand
I need to know how I will feel
When the realisations start to land

Let me catch the thought that’s happening
Challenge & change its very being
Don’t let it take over my head
Chuck it away, take control of the feeling

Sometimes you just need to stop and breathe
And I just need to take it all in
Where’s my head space safe haven?
Can I visualise being again with that Dolphin?

Sitting in my new space
Sun beaming through the skylight
I’m definitely optimistic, calm and hopeful
For a new year that is all happy & bright

“The End” (not completely)

Not for the 1st time over these last 3 months
A friend mentions I look happy & in control
I smile, and say thank you
It means the world, it’s feeding my soul

After all this time I am starting to understand me
Someone I’ve always been apologising for
I’m now a person to accept and to love
I feel alive, I’m opening the door

So what if I don’t like an overhead light
Loud harsh noises, or a crowded space
So what if I like alone time, or a long shower

There’s nothing wrong with me, it’s time to embrace
I may be sensitive, but that’s my power
I listen, I absorb, I feel it, I care
But it can be exhausting, it’s time to protect

And to find the right cloak to wear
My energy can be easily taken
Can I spot the vampires sucking it away

How do I build a force field
Or find the ‘garlic’ to keep them at bay
Getting guidance and support is key
There are so many tools to learn and try
There are lots of great books to read and take in
It can be overwhelming I’m not gonna lie

Now I know that there’s a reason why
I am changing for all to see
I can happily nod, smile and say
I am enough, I am ME

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Albert Einstein