Availability for new clients from September 2024


“Working with you helps me remain focused on the direction I am taking, whilst not letting my past influence me. I find you empathetic and curious.
Natural, you come across as relaxed and following a natural rhythm rather than a schedule.
Very supportive, you answered my distress call at the beginning of April, and really helped me get through a sticky patch successfully.
I am extremely grateful for that one. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you. I know that ultimately I am responsible for my progress and direction, but the support you are providing is a considerable help. Thank you!”

Mr MA, age 56

I have gained a lot of reassurance and huge artillery of mindfulness and meditation techniques which I feel I can confidently use in my times of need.
You have taught me to trust myself and very importantly look after myself. You have helped me become more of the person I knew I could be. I have described my coaching experience to many friends as a proactive way of helping me.
Coaching has given me the tools I was lacking for in my times of need, and helped me unscramble the noise in my head. You never sugar-coated things, but always delivered the words I needed to hear with warmth and compassion. A huge thank you!

Miss BA, age 27

Talking with you I was able to gain a different perspective. I felt calmer and more rational and was able to take a step back in certain situations that I could not control. You are the perfect coach to women of my age and have an empathy that sits well with me. Remember I used to say “I am a grown woman, I should know ……”, and you had the right sort of emotional awareness to “talk me through it”. Thank you for being my Coach.

Mrs NC, age 49

‘Working with you has given me clarity on what my stress factors are in my life and have helped me make decisions to reduce the stress. You helped me make sense of the fact that it is normal to feel stressed or anxious when dealing with issues in my life, and that it’s not just that I can’t cope and there is a problem with me.
My coaching experience has enabled me to power through a very difficult time in my life and each coaching session I learnt something about myself or those close to me to give me a new piece of clarity.
Overall I think it has really helped me focus on what is important in my life, what I want to achieve for myself rather than to please others. You are kind, thoughtful and caring, like a friend who wants the best for you but with an impartial view and professional approach.
You made me feel like my thoughts and feelings are valid and gave me tools to make positive changes in my life, gain confidence and focus on what is important. I cannot thank you enough for all your help, support and guidance.’

Miss PO, age 28

“As Sarah led us through her thoroughly researched programme, and I took part in the many meditations that she shares throughout the course, I could *feel* the benefits for myself. Permission to just stop, clear my mind and take a moment away from it all gave me some much-needed breathing space, and I didn’t realise how much I needed that until I got it. The more I practised this over the weeks, the better I felt and the less sceptical I became. As the course progressed, I began to really look forward to Sarah’s sessions. Some weeks I would attend very stressed from work, but when I left, I would feel on top of the world.
It’s got to the point now that I’m incorporating meditation into my life as often as I can. If I feel things are getting on top of me, I take ten minutes out to meditate, and afterwards I’m able to focus clearly again. It’s just great to have this tool at my disposal.
Sarah is a lovely human being, so warm and welcoming in her style, and so passionate and well-informed… if you can go along, please do. If you’re sceptical like I was, you won’t be by the end. I was so sad that I wouldn’t be coming back!”

Mrs DK, age 41

‘I feel that by talking everything through, it helped me to process what the cause of the problems were, which meant that I could deal with them more effectively. Sarah was easy to talk to, listened really well and was really kind in her responses. She asked questions of me to challenge why I thought a certain way, which was good. She listened really well and clarified everything that we did’

Miss SR, age 34

“Lightbulb moment(s) during sessions so far ‘Realising that fun was a value, as I had been conditioned that it was a reward. Realising the pressure I put myself under to achieve perfection and would stop playing my piano if I made a mistake and start again, I realised this had been a learned behaviour.”

Mrs HL, age 49

“You are an effective listener who has an intuitive understanding of my needs and who has guided me to reach my own conclusions without telling me and you have used various techniques to help me get there, all of which have suited me very well.
I would definitely recommend you and I would say to any new coach, you will get out of this experience what you put in with the skilful, knowledgeable and empathetic Sarah who is passionate about her work and the help she can give.”

Mrs EA, age 49

Group sessions

“I do feel I received good value – particularly when I go back and look at my notes and see what I learned and achieved. We have access to the group and playback of the sessions so always there to revisit. That is good value in itself.”

“It feels easier opening up to people who are impartial and have no vested interest in the outcome (apart from wanting the best for me). The group made me feel less alone and more aware that women share many of the same issues and insecurities. I love the way the course was structured to build upon what we had learnt the previous week.”

“It’s hard to put in to words the impact that working with Sarah has had on me.  A year ago, I can best describe myself as a little lost. I had a successful career, a lovely home, amazing family, and fantastic group of friends, but still I was lost. Lacking in self-belief and confidence I was stuck.

At work I was well within my comfort zone, it wasn’t fulfilling, I was bored. My imposter syndrome was holding me back, that and a fear of change. My team were amazing, and I couldn’t let them go, what if it wasn’t this good again. This was overflowing into home life, my drive had gone, and I found I was just gap filling, not necessarily with things that made me happy.

Sarah doesn’t give you the answers, she gives you something more important, the tools that empower you to be you and that enable you to answer your questions yourself. By listening, observing, talking, and challenging she gets you to a happier place. It’s not been easy, at times it’s been exhausting & emotional, and I’ve definitely wanted to shout stop I want to get off, but I can hand on heart say it’s the best investment in me I’ve ever made.

Without this time, I wouldn’t have gone for (and got) a promotion, I wouldn’t have said no to, (and been comfortable doing so) things that I really didn’t want to do, I wouldn’t have been as open with family on how I was feeling and more. The biggest compliment is that it’s not just me that’s noticed a change, my family & friends did way before me.

Thank you, Sarah, for the time you have invested in me.”

Global Finance Director, female, age 50

“After running two mindful wellbeing workshops for the New Forest Wealth Management team, I invited Sarah in to work with some of the staff that felt like they needed some extra support and coaching.  She worked with some of the team on confidence, future career, work/life balance and stress management techniques.  We are a busy office and sometimes it can be pretty hectic.  The staff were able to gain a different perspective and feel much calmer and more rational, when it came to certain situations that were out of their control in a private and confidential environment.


The feedback from staff is that, Sarah has a lot of empathy and warmth, and has the right sort of emotional awareness to make you feel comfortable and happy to open up and talk.  She will challenge you kindly, and encourage you to take positive action to increase your resilience and wellbeing, as well as keeping you accountable to reach your goals. We have a happier and comfortable team through Sarah’s input and coaching. Highly recommended!

Vikki Hodgson Practice Manager