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Guided Meditations

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Enjoy taking a listen to the soundbites to help you decide which guided meditations feel good for you.

Benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation

There are numerous benefits of mindfulness and meditation, including physical benefits, psychological benefits and spiritual benefits. Find out more about them here.

Choose your meditations

Get present and feel grounded: £11

We can sometimes feel very overwhelmed and our thoughts scattered.  This 10 minute mindfulness meditation practice will help you feel more present, more grounded and gain some clarity on what steps you can take next.  We will be using different parts of the body as an anchor and opportunity for you to notice how things are for you, and what you might need right now.  A gentle curiosity to this present moment. 

Safe space & I am at peace: £17

Sometimes it is good to just stop, find a place that feels safe and comfortable both in our mind and our body.  Maybe a reminder of how far we have come.  This guided visualisation lasts about 20 minutes, and has been created for you to gain some alone time, relaxation, as well as a sense of safety and security, and a place to practise affirmations in a safe haven created by you whenever you feel called to.

All aboard the sleep train: £17

I am going to take you on a relaxing train ride through the beautiful country side for about 20 minutes. 
Giving yourself permission to fully let go and use this ‘All aboard the sleep train’ meditation to allow yourself to rest, acknowledging the thoughts that do come in and letting them go, and giving yourself permission to drift off into a beautiful night’s sleep.

Meditation bundle for £35

Don’t know which one to choose? Why not purchase them all in this handy bundle – All three mediations in one for only £35.