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Welcome to my page of poems

Written unapologetically, and with not an ounce of perfectionism in sight

Love and hugs

It's Time

Gently falling off I go
Time to step into life in my own flow
I have been waiting a while so now I have landed
Plenty of opportunity and time to get grounded

I took the leap and the landing was soft
Flowing lower and lower from the tree above
I am ready to fall into safe hands
Ready to see the journey and explore the lands

Thank you for the lessons and the learnings
Time to tune in and follow my yearnings
I am not going to lie it sometimes feels vulnerable
But you just know, when you need to make the call

To share to inspire teach and show wisdom
It’s time to be you and to truly listen
I feel safe, free and know I am enough
Even though sometimes I know it will be rough

While the leaf falling down has shown me the way
I know in my heart that I am here to stay
Oh soft, caring and sensitive one
Be you be you it’s time to have fun

14 October 2022

This was the first poem I wrote in 40 years on a Creative writing retreat in Wales.  We took a mindful walk and had to choose an object to write about in just ten minutes.  Mine was about a falling leaf that fell in front of me.  As you can tell, it was really about how I was feeling.  It was at a time when I took myself away from social media.

The Loss

The sadness I feel
Is gut wrenchingly raw
I want to help others
But this feeling requires more

More digging deep
Protecting my energy & soul
No way can I fall into
The emotional pain and black hole

The loss is so hard to navigate daily
All I can do is tap in and keep safe
To protect what is sacred
My work  my purpose my energy & wellbeing

Will he ever have a time to be free
And to enjoy his life
Not on his knees in pure sorrow

My instinct is to protect
Sort and step in
But his choices are his own
Not for me to pen

The loss of a future
Full of laughter and joy
It is so incredibly sad to see
To feel this darkness from my boy

It seeps in when you are not watching
So keep your energy high
Because the emotional pain
Will numb you and force you to lie

Keep strong keep the faith
He chose you as his Mum
See the goodness that shows up
To prevent the feeling of numb

The loss is so great
But you have the grace and tools
Keep them very close
Breathe deeply and keep your cool

28 October 2022

I wrote this when I could feel myself slipping into a dark place. Luckily, I have many tools to navigate daily challenges, and so walked my talk, and homed in on my wellbeing.  Writing poetry really helps me gain a sense of clarity and perspective.  A way of getting feelings down and out too.

What’s the Drag?

Keep checking in
And asking yourself
What’s the drag
Coz it’s gonna help

Take a moment
To stop and be still
Ask what’s the drag
And you will start to feel

Feel into the emotion
That is currently here
Not so far away
It is really quite near

It helps with the clarity
The fuzz in your head
Simply asking the question
Can start to be heart led

Letting it out
Is always a bonus
We don’t want the emotion trapped
We want to feel the slowness

We certainly do not want
The issues to land and stay
What we want are bay steps forward
Nothing in our way

So have the chat
To start with on your own
And if you think it is necessary
Then by all means pick up the phone

Find the joy, the nourishment
And the love
Trust me when I say
It helps you stay above

20 November 2022

I always invite my clients to sit with an emotion and allow it to show itself.  If we shut down emotions, they can come back greater and bigger.  I wrote this poem when I was needing to sit with an emotion and show myself some self-compassion, and allow the emotion to eventually fade away.

Bag of Apples

Yes a bag of apples
Is good enough
Fruit platters are lovely
But such a lot of stuff

So much energy
Expense and time
Doing things 110%
Does not always fall in line

My experience has taught me
To stop and take a mo
Do I really need to push this
Hard and fast it’s too much go go go

No is the answer
And I invite you to see
Running yourself ragged
Striving for perfection
Does not create the best Christmas tree

Slowing the pace
Being in the moment more
Will help you see the pleasures
That you truly adore

The beauty all around you
The smiles that you may miss
Stop for just a moment
Under the mistletoe for a kiss

A bag of apples Is just as good
And gives you some perspective
What one thing after this read
Will ensure you stay all festive

1 December 2022

This poem primarily is about being more mindful around Christmas time, as we are always super busy and gap filling.  However, the bag of apples metaphor can be always applied in our lives.  For all your perfectionists out there, a bag of apples is good enough.  Save the fruit platter moments for when you have lots of time, inclination, and you want to go all out.