REsted, RElaxed, REjuvenated, REconnected, and REstored

The RE-treat day
Sat 28th Jan 2023
The RE-treat
Residential Weekend
28th - 30th
April 2023

The RE-treat day
at The Yurt

Go home all set up and ready to stress less & enjoy more
Brand new day retreat
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Saturday 28th January 2023 9.30-4.30pm

The Yurt
Near Winchester

A sacred and peaceful space to come for a day of nurturing, practice, healing and learning.

I will be combining a lot of what I have learnt and taught over the day to ensure you get a chance to just be, feel relaxed, have time to reflect and time to heal.

Your day retreats includes tea/coffee, biscuits, cake, fruit bowl and an hour sound bath healing restorative experience.

Arrival from 9.30am for a 10.00am start.  We will finish at 4.30/5.00pm

This retreat will give you the opportunity for some much-needed time out, along with a feeling of being nurtured, guided, supported and connected.

I will guide you throughout the day using different meditation, mindfulness & healing practices, as well as an opportunity to reflect, journal and discuss.  I will be combining a selection of techniques, tools and practices to hold a nourishing, relaxing and nurturing space for you.

Francesca is a sound therapist & reiki practitioner and will be guiding a 60 minute session towards the end of the day.

Her sound baths are nourishing and restorative.  You will feel a warm feeling of relaxation and deeper connection to yourself.  Her instruments include singing bowls, koshi chimes, drums, gong, voice & more.

There benefits of sound healing include:-

  • Reduction of stress and tension
  • Clams the mind and brings clarity
  • Can release stuck energy and emotions
  • Cleanses and balances the chakras
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Re-balances your being
  • Feeling more connected to your self
  • Enhances and revitalises your creativity

Your investment for the day will be £95

Details of the retreat

We all have our personal favourites and own things we like to have to hand, so I am suggesting your bring the following (where you can):-

A packed lunch

Yoga mat

Blanket (some can be provided)

Cushion (some can be provided)

Meditation stool or cushion (optional for preference)

Journal and pen

Water bottle for ease

There are some bean bags we can use, and extra cushions too.

Arrival from 9.30am for a prompt 10am start.

Biscuits, cake and fruit bowl provided, and as much tea, coffee and herbal teas that you can drink.

60-minute sound bath healing session.

Parking is tight, so where possible please car share.

You will be directed on the day to where to park.

We will finish between 4.30pm and 5.00pm

There will be a maximum of 8 participants


Due to there being only 8 spaces, bookings are on a first come first served basis.

Please email to register your interest, and I will confirm availability and payment details.

The RE-treat Weekend
at The Fintry Trust

Go home all set up and ready
to stress less & enjoy more

Brand new residential retreat
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“I Choose Me”

28th April – 30th April 2023

It is a retreat house with its own beautiful and extensive grounds, set in the Surrey hills. The atmosphere of the house and grounds has been maintained for 70 years in order to promote philosophical and spiritual development – read more

The Fintry Trust
Fintry, Brook, Godalming
Surrey GU8 5UQ

2-night retreat includes your accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, tea/coffee biscuits and cake.

Arrival Friday night from 4pm, for a 5pm start, and leave at 3pm on Sunday 

This retreat will give you the opportunity for some much-needed time out, along with a feeling of being nurtured, guided, supported and connected with myself, others, and yourself.  Two days of mindfulness, self-compassion, meditation, journalling, coaching, mentoring, reflection, mindful movement, connecting with nature, and setting intentions.  I will lead guided practices, exercises, and give you tips, tools and strategies that you can use daily, delivered through an immersive experience that leaves you feeling rested, relaxed, rejuvenated, reconnected, and restored. 

Karen Baldwin, a reiki grand master, yoga nidra and yin yoga practitioner will be guiding a 90-minute session on the Saturday afternoon. With over 28 years of experience, she will lead a powerful yoga nidra session, combining specialised breathing techniques, guided visualisations, as well as a yin/restorative yoga practice which uses props in every posture to support your muscles in gentle comfortable postures.  The benefits of this session alone are reduced stress, healthier respiration, improved digestion, reduced pain relief and increased emotional wellbeing.

After the retreat, all participants will be offered a one to one 30-minute connection zoom call with me.

Your investment will be £475.

Details of the retreat

2-night retreat includes your accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, tea/coffee, and biscuits/cake.

Yoga nidra, yin yoga 90-minute session.

A 30 minute one to one connection call with me.

You arrive Friday night from 4pm, for a 5pm start, and leave at 3pm on Sunday. 

We have exclusive use of the house, and each participant will have their own basic room.  Bathrooms are shared between 2 or 3 people.

All food is vegetarian, and special dietary requests can be accommodated in advance.

There will be a maximum of 10 participants. If you would like to be put on my list of potential participants, please use the button below.  I will write to you nearer the time with payment options and all the details you need.

Still not sure, then maybe this may help…

  • This weekend is an opportunity to explore a range of beautiful practices.
  • My wish is to create a safe space for a small group of like-minded people to experience all the amazing tools available and to reconnect to themselves, others and me.
  • Time out to just be you, put yourself first, and have a chance to step into the present moment without the concerns of everyday life getting in the way
  • A chance to practice mindfulness, meditation, selfcare in a safe, nurturing place.
  • Learn some great tools, tips and techniques which you can take back home with you to help you through challenging times that life throws at us.
  • Enjoy a 90-minute yoga nidra/yin yoga session with massive health benefits
  • Know that you are guided from 8am in the morning until 8pm and night by me.
  • Stay in a beautiful setting which encompasses everything retreat like, and where you are held in a peaceful and calming space.
  • Explore the outside and connect with nature in the private gardens.
  • Have a 30 minute one to one connection call with me after the retreat to discuss anything that may have come up for you.
  • Escape the noise and busyness of our lives, and come away with some new ways of being.
  • Allowing yourself time to journal, reflect and rest.
  • And so much more that can only be truly explained if you experience it in person.

If investing in yourself is a concern, I hope this will help

Payment options are:-

  1. Pay £475 in full when you book your place.
  2. Pay £100 deposit now, and £375 in January

A few pics from when I visited The Fintry Trust in January 2022...