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REsted, RElaxed, REjuvenated, REconnected, and REstored
all in one day

If a RE-Treat day is on your list of self-care experiences, then make sure you are on my waiting list for future RE-Treats coming in 2024

Previous RE-treat days

Our bodies have incredible capacity to heal and rejuvenate. When we feel out of balance and not in alignment it could well mean something is preventing the body from working as well as it should.  You could well feel tired, anxious, overwhelmed or out of sorts.

With me as your guide, coach, mindfulness & meditation instructor for the day, we will visit each of the energy centres of the body known as chakras (spinning wheels). Using different techniques such as meditation, journaling, movement, kundalini yoga, and healing, we will aim to restore and balance your energy physically, emotionally and mentally.

I have created this RE-treat day specifically to help you REcharge, REstore and REjuvenate your energy, body, mind, and soul.

This day is for you if you want to: -

  • Take real time out to prioritise you and your wellbeing
  • Learn a bit more about your energy and chakras
  • Feel deeply relaxed and at peace
  • Let go of unwanted negativity
  • Move your body gently
  • Enjoy beautiful meditations
  • Experience the power of kundalini yoga
  • Make some shifts in your mindset to improve your emotional resilience
  • Rebalance your energy
  • Enjoy nutritious plant-based food
  • Be with likeminded women who are showing up for themselves
  • Be guided by an experienced intuitive life and wellbeing coach
  • Feel rested, restored, and rejuvenated
  • Learn some techniques and strategies to use daily to enhance your self care

What people say

“A huge thank you for hosting another beautiful retreat day. Lovely location, food and peeps with a really special vibe. Another triumph! Your hard work and efforts definitely paid off, and the energy theme really landed for me.”

Mrs EA, age 51

“I attended Sarah’s retreat day and it was absolutely brilliant. She is such a caring and supportive person. You leave her retreat day feeling refreshed, invigorated and ready to face the world! She gives so much during the day, and you learn so much about yourself. Thank you Sarah”

Mrs RS, age 39

A little bit about your guides for the day

Sarah Kerr (Your guide for the day)

I am an empath, intuitive life and wellbeing coach and a relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness instructor. My passion is to support women prioritise themselves. Teach them how to manage their energy levels, get unstuck and reduce their stress, so they do not feel so overwhelmed and tired all the time.

Having struggled with depression all my adult life, I know the power and strength that mindfulness, meditation, energy, and mindset work can do. I aim to run RE-treat days to share that wisdom, knowledge, and experience with other women so that they can stress less and enjoy more, live life on their terms, and feel energised and confident to fulfil their purpose. I have been working as a coach for 6 years, and I see daily the transformations that this work can do. It is powerful.

I walk my talk daily, I put the work in, and I also attend RE-treats myself to recharge, reset and restore my energy. I love being on the other side too, supporting and guiding you, to do the same.

Yvette Pickard (Kundalini Yoga Teacher)

Yvette will be hosting a Kundalini session. She is a KRI International Kundalini Teacher and has been teaching this amazing style of yoga for over a decade. It is hugely accessible to all levels, and you do not need to be super bendy to do it!

What is Kundalini Yoga?
Known for its transformative benefits, the practice of Kundalini Yoga builds physical strength and stamina and enhances cognitive function, emotional fitness, and spiritual connection. Many people describe the experience as exhilarating, euphoric, and powerful.

Who is it for?
Kundalini Yoga offers a holistic technology that can be used by people of any belief and from all walks of life.

The Practice:-

The practice incorporates the elements below into session (Kriya):
Asana: body postures
Mudras: hand positions
Pranayama: breathwork
Mantras: intentional, repeated sounds
Bandhas: constriction of particular area of the body
Drishti: directing the gaze of the eyes
Shivasana: relaxation at the end of practice

If a RE-Treat day is on your list of self-care experiences, then make sure you are on my waiting list for future RE-Treats coming in 2024

What your investment includes: -

  • Guidance and intuitive wellbeing coaching from me
  • A Kundalini yoga session
  • Tea, coffee and herbal tea
  • Seasonal fruit at morning break
  • Plant based good at lunchtime
  • Homemade cake at lunch break (Food options as a guide will be a seasonal and locally sourced fruit, a nutritious salad bowl, sour dough bread and dip, and homemade cake).
  • For an additional cost there will be an option to order speciality coffees.

Your investment for the day is: £129

What to bring and wear:

  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes
  • Bring footwear that you can wear inside and for outside (weather dependent)
  • A yoga mat (although there are some available)
  • A blanket
  • Two cushions
  • Anything to assist you such as meditations stools, extra blankets, etc
  • A refillable water bottle
  • A journal and a pen
  • An open mind

More details, including food options and directions will be sent to you once you are booked on and nearer the time.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the day, I read my emails personally, and will answer as soon as I can, and usually within 24 hours.

Love and hugs

Previous RE-treats

The RE-treat day
at The Yurt


Go home all set up and ready to stress less & enjoy more
Brand new day retreat
Book your place now for

Saturday 28th January 2023 9.30-4.30pm

The Yurt
Near Winchester

A sacred and peaceful space to come for a day of nurturing, practice, healing and learning.

I will be combining a lot of what I have learnt and taught over the day to ensure you get a chance to just be, feel relaxed, have time to reflect and time to heal.

Your day retreats includes tea/coffee, biscuits, cake, fruit bowl and an hour sound bath healing restorative experience.

Arrival from 9.30am for a 10.00am start.  We will finish at 4.30/5.00pm

This retreat will give you the opportunity for some much-needed time out, along with a feeling of being nurtured, guided, supported and connected.

I will guide you throughout the day using different meditation, mindfulness & healing practices, as well as an opportunity to reflect, journal and discuss.  I will be combining a selection of techniques, tools and practices to hold a nourishing, relaxing and nurturing space for you.

Francesca is a sound therapist & reiki practitioner and will be guiding a 60 minute session towards the end of the day.

Her sound baths are nourishing and restorative.  You will feel a warm feeling of relaxation and deeper connection to yourself.  Her instruments include singing bowls, koshi chimes, drums, gong, voice & more.

There benefits of sound healing include:-

  • Reduction of stress and tension
  • Clams the mind and brings clarity
  • Can release stuck energy and emotions
  • Cleanses and balances the chakras
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Re-balances your being
  • Feeling more connected to your self
  • Enhances and revitalises your creativity

Your investment for the day will be £95

Details of the retreat

We all have our personal favourites and own things we like to have to hand, so I am suggesting your bring the following (where you can):-

A packed lunch

Yoga mat

Blanket (some can be provided)

Cushion (some can be provided)

Meditation stool or cushion (optional for preference)

Journal and pen

Water bottle for ease

There are some bean bags we can use, and extra cushions too.

Arrival from 9.30am for a prompt 10am start.

Biscuits, cake and fruit bowl provided, and as much tea, coffee and herbal teas that you can drink.

60-minute sound bath healing session.

Parking is tight, so where possible please car share.

You will be directed on the day to where to park.

We will finish between 4.30pm and 5.00pm

There will be a maximum of 8 participants


Due to there being only 8 spaces, bookings are on a first come first served basis.

Please email to register your interest, and I will confirm availability and payment details.