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Useful Information

To get you started……
just a few of the books that I have read, and would recommend to you.

Mindfulness in a Frantic World – Mark Williams

True Love – Tich Nhat Hanh

Light is the new Black – Rebecca Campbell

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

Daring Greatly – Brene Brown

The Universe has your back – Gabrielle Bernstein

You can Heal your life – Louise Haye

Cavemen and Polar Bears – Andy Workman

The Little Book of Kindness – Dr David Hamilton

Good Grief – Dipti Tait

Resilient – Rik Hanson

You are a Badass – Jen Sincero

Just get on with it – Ali Campbell

A little light on spiritual laws – Diana Cooper

Girl, stop apologising – Rachel Hollis

Prison Break – Janson Goldberg

Stress Less, Accomplish More – Emily Fletcher

The Boy, The Mole, The fox and the Horse – Charlie Markeys

The Empath’s Survival Guide – Judith Orloff

Sparked – Jonathan Fields

There are so many books I could recommend, but for now I think these are a great start.  Please also let me know if you have read any inspiring books.

Some general useful links that may help with your practice of mindfulness and meditation, and just other useful links in terms of your self-development.

Other names to research are:

  • Carol Dweck – Growth Mindset
  • Dr Laurie Santos Professor of Psychology Yale University
  • Bob Procter – Self-help author
  • Daniel Siegal –  Clinical professor of psychiatry
  • Jack Kornfield – Buddhist and author
  • Kristen Neff – Author and Co-founder of the mindful self-compassion center
  • Tara Brach – Psychologist
  • Chris Germer – Mindful self-compassion and psychotherapy

I can recommend that you go on You Tube and research meditations by the following people:-

Mindful Movement
Favourite of mine is:-
Morning gratitude

Jason Stephenson
Favourite of mine is:-
Chakra balance

Rebecca Campbell
Favourite of mine is:-
Inner Temple

Alternatively go the meditation & visualisation area in the Connection Corner where I will guide you through several different meditations and visualisations.

I recommend listening to music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke as a background to the meditations or for some beautiful, peaceful music.