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I want to inspire and empower you to break free from the chains of stress, anxiety, and depression and step into a life filled with joy, purpose, and fulfilment

You see, I’ve been where you might be right now. I’ve experienced the darkness of depression and the weight of overwhelm. But I’ve also experienced the incredible transformation that is possible when we choose to take control of our own lives. I am now a trained and qualified life and well-being coach, relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness instructor.
I believe in the power of real-life tips, strategies, and inspiring stories to help us all live life on our own terms. Throughout this podcast, we’ll be bringing you exactly that. We’ll have amazing guests sharing their own journeys and providing valuable insights and wisdom.
I know that no matter your age or circumstances, change is possible. It might not always be easy, but it is within your reach.
Take a listen and start to feel less stress & enjoy more now.
Love and hugs 

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About the host Sarah Kerr

Sarah Kerr is a Transformational Life Coach and trained with Animas School of Coaching gaining an ICF accredited qualification in Transformational Life Coaching. She is also an approved Relaxation Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor, Mindful Resilience & Wellbeing Coach, and Group Facilitator. 

She is enthusiastic about sharing the importance of emotional resilience, living your life on your terms, and energy work, and inspires others with her personal journey from depression to magical expression.

Sarah has run her coaching business for the last six years. Her passion for learning, developing, and evolving is her focus. She wants everyone to prioritise their health and well-being so they can stress less and enjoy more. 

In her previous career, she worked her way up the corporate ladder to support senior management and ended up supervising a team at an incredibly early age, seeing first-hand what overworking, and feeling overwhelmed can look like.

She believes that anyone can live a fulfilling life with purpose and confidence, free from the burden of guilt and worry at any age. She has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those who battle depression and anxiety and is passionate about helping them transform their lives in positive ways. As an empath, Sarah is uniquely equipped to connect with individuals, help them harness their energy to achieve their goals, and support you feel more alive doing what you enjoy. She offers one-to-one coaching packages and power sessions, group in person meet ups, and retreat days to empower people to take control of their lives and thrive.

An avid nature lover, Sarah finds joy amongst the trees and utilising practices such as, journaling, meditation, and mindful walks to cultivate inner peace and creativity. Her newfound love for poetry writing allows her to express herself and connect with others on a deeper level. She is also keeping it very real with the challenges of family life and is happy to have struck a balance between serving with just being. She also enjoys yoga and Pilates, a cuppa in bed, and many overseas adventures with her husband and friends, as well as dancing in the kitchen to her favourite tunes. 

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