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I want to inspire and empower you to break free from the chains of stress, anxiety, and depression and step into a life filled with joy, purpose, and fulfilment

Connecting to your Creativity through Walking and Writing

In this episode, host Sarah Kerr is joined by the talented Claire Winter, a word creatrix, storyteller, and writing coach. Together, they delve into the power of female creative energy. Claire candidly shares her experience with perimenopause, burnout, and reclaiming personal wellness, offering valuable insights and practical advice.  Sarah and Claire discuss the transformative potential of nature walks for boosting creativity, creative writing and personal growth. Join us as we explore the intersection of self-care, creative expression, and embracing the power of the creative process.

New Year New Vibe - Beat the January blues

In today’s episode, your host Sarah Kerr reflects on the challenges and growth opportunities of 2023, celebrating wins and silver linings. She shares her personal experiences, coaching successes, and the pride of launching this podcast. Sarah emphasises setting mindful intentions over resolutions. Listen in as Sarah offers tips for feeling more energised and connected in January, so you can set your positive intentions for the year.

Get ready to beat the January blues and start your new year with a positive mindset!

Creating Christmas Calm - stress less and enjoy more

In this episode, Sarah shares her top 10 tips on how to find Christmas calm and enjoy the holiday season without the stress and overwhelm. With her background as an empath, intuitive life, and well-being coach, Sarah is on a mission to inspire and empower her listeners to break free from the shackles of stress and start living a life filled with joy, purpose, and fulfilment. Join Sarah as she dives into practical strategies for navigating the buildup to Christmas, dealing with family dynamics, and finding peace amidst the festivities. Get ready to embrace a calmer, more joyful holiday season. Let’s dive in!

Bouncing Up instead of Bouncing back

In this episode, Sarah delves into the topic of resilience and how to build emotional resilience easily. She discusses the concept of bouncing up instead of bouncing back when facing challenges and emphasises the importance of identifying moments of stress and nurturing emotional resilience.


Sarah shares practical strategies to build “green credits” in your emotional bank account through self-care and gratitude exercises. Join us as we explore the power of resilience and learn how to navigate life’s challenges with strength and grace.

Discovering health and food freedom with Sue Ellar

Welcome back to Stress Less, Enjoy More, the podcast that helps you find freedom and happiness in all areas of your life. In today’s episode, we have a special guest joining us, Sue Ellar, a health vitality and weight loss coach. Sue is passionate about empowering her clients to prioritise their health, feel great in their bodies, and develop a positive relationship with food.

In this episode, Sue shares her personal story and discusses a wide range of topics, including food, health, menopause, and making positive changes in life. She dives deep into the impact of our diet on our overall well-being and challenges the conventional beliefs around weight loss.

With a focus on nourishment and mindfulness, Sue shares practical tips and strategies to improve our health from within. She emphasises the importance of listening to our bodies and making one small change at a time.

But it’s not just about the physical aspect – Sue teaches us that true freedom and confidence come from feeling good in our bodies and embracing a positive relationship with food.

So, grab a cup of tea, sit back, and join us as we embark on this transformative journey of discovering our health and freedom through food.

Simple Steps to take you from overwhelmed to okay again

In today’s episode, Sarah will be sharing her 8-step guide to help you go from feeling overwhelmed to being okay again. She’ll be discussing moments when she and her clients have felt overwhelmed, and the techniques they have used to overcome it.

Sarah invites you to notice when you’re feeling overwhelmed, pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and take a breath. She encourages you to think about what’s going well and reassures you that not everything is overwhelming.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn how to navigate through overwhelm and find more joy, purpose, and fulfilment in your life.

It's never too late to change your career

In today’s episode, we have a very special guest joining us, Nickki  Swan. I can’t express how much Nicky means to me as a friend and supporter. We’ll be diving into a thought-provoking topic – whether it’s ever too late to change careers.

Nicky shares her incredible backstory, from her work in a tax practice to the allure of big financial services companies in London. She acknowledges both the challenging and rewarding aspects of her previous career, giving us a unique perspective on the subject.

She shares how she discovered her passion for yoga and how it played a pivotal role in her decision to change careers. Through learning about anatomy, becoming a spiritual mentor, and diving into fields like astrology and psychology, she gained the tools to help others manage their emotions and find balance in their lives.

If you’re considering a similar career transition, we’ll offer some valuable insights, such as having a safety net in place and investing in personal growth while still employed.

Letting go of perfectionism - with Sarah kerr

Welcome to another episode of “Stress Less & Enjoy More”. In today’s episode, your host Sarah discusses the detrimental effects of being a perfectionist and how it nearly destroyed her life. She shares her personal experience of striving for perfection in every aspect of her life, from work to motherhood, and the toll it took on her mental and physical health.

But fear not, Sarah also provides valuable tips and tools to combat perfectionism and embrace imperfection. Join us as we dive deep into the world of perfectionism and learn how to break free from its shackles. Get ready to stress less and enjoy more!

Why Mindfulness and meditation is my probiotic

In this episode of the Stress Less & Enjoy More podcast, your host Sarah Kerr shares how mindfulness can bring your nervous system into a state of calm, leading to clearer thinking and better decision-making. But it doesn’t stop there – she’ll also delve into the physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits of mindfulness and meditation.
And the best part? You don’t need hours of free time to incorporate these practices into your daily routine. Sarah will guide you on how to cultivate mindful moments throughout the day.

Do you feel tired? You could be an empath

On today’s episode of Stress Less & Enjoy More, Sarah Kerr explores the concept of being an “intuitive emperor” and the power of heightened intuition. She shares her personal experiences with telepathy, dreams, and intuitive connections with others.
Sarah discusses the importance of recognising and protecting our energy, setting clear boundaries, and the different types of empaths. Join us as we dive into practical tips and practices to safeguard our energy and embrace our empathic abilities.

Breaking Free from stress, anxiety and depression

Welcome to Stress Less & Enjoy More, the podcast that aims to inspire and empower you to make positive changes in your life. In today’s episode, your host Sarah Kerr dives deep into the childhood experiences that shaped her journey and led them to where they are today. From being dressed in beautiful clothes but expected to play in the garden without getting dirty, to feeling lonely as an only child, and struggling with confidence and bullying.

You see, I’ve been where you might be right now. I’ve experienced the darkness of depression and the weight of overwhelm. But I’ve also experienced the incredible transformation that is possible when we choose to take control of our own lives. I am now a trained and qualified life and well-being coach, relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness instructor.
I believe in the power of real-life tips, strategies, and inspiring stories to help us all live life on our own terms. Throughout this podcast, we’ll be bringing you exactly that. We’ll have amazing guests sharing their own journeys and providing valuable insights and wisdom.
I know that no matter your age or circumstances, change is possible. It might not always be easy, but it is within your reach.
Take a listen and start to feel less stress & enjoy more now.
Love and hugs 

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About the host Sarah Kerr

Sarah Kerr is a Transformational Life Coach and trained with Animas School of Coaching gaining an ICF accredited qualification in Transformational Life Coaching. She is also an approved Relaxation Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor, Mindful Resilience & Wellbeing Coach, and Group Facilitator. 

She is enthusiastic about sharing the importance of emotional resilience, living your life on your terms, and energy work, and inspires others with her personal journey from depression to magical expression.

Sarah has run her coaching business for the last six years. Her passion for learning, developing, and evolving is her focus. She wants everyone to prioritise their health and well-being so they can stress less and enjoy more. 

In her previous career, she worked her way up the corporate ladder to support senior management and ended up supervising a team at an incredibly early age, seeing first-hand what overworking, and feeling overwhelmed can look like.

She believes that anyone can live a fulfilling life with purpose and confidence, free from the burden of guilt and worry at any age. She has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by those who battle depression and anxiety and is passionate about helping them transform their lives in positive ways. As an empath, Sarah is uniquely equipped to connect with individuals, help them harness their energy to achieve their goals, and support you feel more alive doing what you enjoy. She offers one-to-one coaching packages and power sessions, group in person meet ups, and retreat days to empower people to take control of their lives and thrive.

An avid nature lover, Sarah finds joy amongst the trees and utilising practices such as, journaling, meditation, and mindful walks to cultivate inner peace and creativity. Her newfound love for poetry writing allows her to express herself and connect with others on a deeper level. She is also keeping it very real with the challenges of family life and is happy to have struck a balance between serving with just being. She also enjoys yoga and Pilates, a cuppa in bed, and many overseas adventures with her husband and friends, as well as dancing in the kitchen to her favourite tunes. 

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