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I’m Sarah an Intuitive Life & Wellbeing Coach.
I work with anyone who is committed to prioritising themselves and leave overthinking and worrying behind.
I help you feel more alive doing what you enjoy, get unstuck, and discover how to live life on YOUR terms with positive confidence and purpose.
These five minute videos “Stop, Connect & Take 5 with me” are designed to help you do all of the above.
It is time to “Stress less & enjoy more”.
Love and hugs
Sarah xx

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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

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Gift wrapped boxes or recycled tissue paper?
Play Video about Gift wrapped boxes or recycled tissue paper?

Gift wrapped boxes or recycled tissue paper?

Perfectionism can be a weight around our necks, so I share a visual tool I use to remind me that it doesn’t lead to a happy and fulfilled life. I hope it resonates and helps you too?

Fruit platter or bag of apples?
Play Video about Fruit platter or bag of apples?

Fruit platter or bag of apples?

This week’s video is all about a bag of apples and a fruit platter. We are not talking about just any old bag of apples though, it is probably going to be the best bag of apples you have ever tried!  Sit back and enjoy my take on how using this visual can take the pressure out of, and off of any given task, situation and experience.

The self-compassion triangle
Play Video about The self-compassion triangle

The self-compassion triangle

You must know by now I like a good visual, but I totally LOVE applying Self Compassion to a tricky situation.  It was, and is a game changer for me, and I hope it can be for you too.  See what you think…

Play Video about When you think you can’t, you can!

When you think you can’t, you can!

This week’s video (I look in pain but I really wasn’t) was inspired by how “I can”, is such a powerful start to any thought, sentence or affirmation. If you could start with” I can……, do you think it may make a difference to how you feel, and subsequently how you show up and behave?

This video content came to me on a walk I did last week, and I hope it resonates with you in some way. Are you a rescuer? Does your self care come at the bottom of the pile? Do you put others first all the time or maybe too much? Is there more to you, but you are not quite sure what that might be? Take a moment to consider this……

I did, and I am now doing a job that I love. In fact it is a calling, and fulfils so many of my core values it is insane – how grateful am I?

That was the bit that was missing for me, my purpose and fulfilment. I started to say NO more (kindly and safely of course), and I CAN more, and was able to discover what my purpose was over time and with a lot of support. Mind blowing but true.

NO, is a complete sentence according to Tich Nhat Hanh.

Where in your life could you say NO more often? Where in your life could you say I CAN more often?

What part of you is calling for a change or a tweak? What is stopping you from making those changes and tweaks?

Take a moment to consider this….

I simply invite you to ask yourself “Where can I say NO, and where can I say I CAN?”


Did somebody say, Just Breathe?
Play Video about Did somebody say, Just Breathe?

Did somebody say, Just Breathe?

If you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed, scattered, running around like a headless chicken, then this week’s video is going to help ground and calm you.

Simply using your breath, I guide you through a very short mindfulness practice designed to calm your stress response, take a moment to feel fully present, and give yourself a two minute pause to simply notice what you notice – stepping out of autopilot momentarily.  Really simple and easy to weave into your day.

We breathe all day and every day (obviously to keep us alive), but how often do we take one, long deep conscious breath?  I invite you to Stop, Connect and Breathe throughout your day, maybe when you are boiling the kettle, or cutting some vegetables, or even when you are on your mobile.  Just breathe, the benefits are huge.

Before you enjoy the video, I invite you to notice how you feel before and how you feel after.  Maybe try doing it 2 or 3 times a day.  I would love for you to let me know how you got on.

Until next time, breathe deeply as much as you can.

How can a mode of transport help identify how you feel?
Play Video about How can a mode of transport help identify how you feel?

How can a mode of transport help identify how you feel?

Crazy concept, but it works.  Let me explain how tapping into a mode of transport can help you get a handle on how you are feeling.  Maybe about yourself, others or a situation.  Have a listen and see how you get on.

This video was inspired by helping a client describe how she felt about a particular situation, and how she was navigating her way around the ups and downs of her feelings and emotions.

We use the 2x breath to explore this a bit further.  What mode of transport are you today?  I will give you some examples to help explain my crazy concept.

This method could help reduce your overwhelm, bring some clarity, and absolutely increase your resilience and mindful well being.

As ever, enjoy and take what you need from this video. 

Journaling for beginners
Play Video about Journaling for beginners

Journaling for beginners

A brief introduction to the how’s, what’s, why’s and when’s of journaling daily.  Why I journal, and a couple of examples of how I journal.

Journaling builds our resilience, increases our confidence, reduces our overwhelm and helps build a good mindfulness practice too.

I have included my journaling prompt guide for you to help you put pen to paper, and as well as the above, gain more clarity and creativity.

Whether journaling is new to you, or you already use this powerful tool, my gift to you has been created to benefit your daily mindfulness practice and benefit your wellbeing.