Are you ready to
commit to change
from the inside out
and live            story?

Are you ready to
commit to change
from the inside out
and live            story?


Sarah Kerr

Transformation & Mindfulness Coach

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Working together we will get you unstuck and living a life that excites you every day.
Discover the real reasons why change has been tricky for you in the past (hint: it’s not a willpower issue). You will turbo-boost your confidence and rediscover your inner joy and start living YOUR story.

Sarah Kerr

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Self-care retreat day

A safe space in which you can reflect, refresh & just be....

Saturday 4th September 2021

Held at the beautiful Chilworth Manor in Southampton, overlooking its tranquil 12-acre Victorian gardens and woodland, you get a full eleven hours of nourishing, nurturing self-care to help you ease into Autumn 2021 feeling rested, reinvigorated and restored.

Early Bird price runs until Friday 23rd July at midnight