I'm Sarah

the one clapping in the picture.
I’m really excited you’re here.


I work with busy, hardworking individuals who are feeling overwhelmed, worry too much about what others think, and often feel guilty if they ever say no, or do anything for themselves.

I help them prioritise THEIR time, feel more alive doing what they enjoy, and discover how to choose to live life on their terms, with confidence and pride.

Is this you?

  • Are you working so hard to take care of everyone around you that you’ve ended up at the bottom of the pile with no time for yourself?

  • Does the thought of putting yourself first sound selfish or fill you with guilt? What would others think if you did?! So instead, you keep going through the motions, ticking the boxes, keeping the peace and ensuring everyone else is happy.

  • But somehow nothing you do seems to be good enough, you’re exhausted, overwhelmed and you’ve had enough. You know it’s time to stop and change.

  • Are you ready to enjoy living life on your terms with confidence and pride?

  • Do you want to connect with your purpose, press the refresh button on your motivation and finally know your value?


Things I love

Apart from my family and friends … obviously

Red wine


My bed

My ugly slippers